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is live in the newsroom with details. katie? >> business and technology reporter is inside facebook right now tweeting the big announcement. zuckerberg has unveiled a new search feature. this is a picture of the announcement taken by our reporter who is inside. television news cameras were not allowed inside. this is video released by facebook. the feature is called a graph search which is describes like this, combining phrases like "my friends in san francisco who like mexican food" and you find that set of people, places, photos or other con content that has been shared and you can mine the billion users, 240 billion go toes and 1 trillion connections. it allows users to connect with their friends easier and it would probably keep people on facebook longer. we will look at facebook stock from, the shares are down slightly at this hour but that is not necessarily because of this the announcement. the earnings will be out at the end of the month. the search is in the early phase of development and they are rolling out the beta version today and will ask for feedback and will
is building an empire. and new camera technology that promises to clear up all of your picture challenges. on abc7 news at 5:00, it is not too late to get the flu vaccine ahead of the nation-wide outbreak and in the wake of the first reported death in santa clara county, we will tell you where a clinic is held over the next two days. those stories and more on abc7 news at 4:00 and 5:00. finally, if a picture is worth a thousand years google know as couple more pictures can say a great more. this photo of a donkey lying on a dirt road was taken in mexico. some accused google of running over the animal. to answer those would assumed the worst, google released morphotos from the sequence showing the donkey was lying in the road and up and going shortly after the vehicle passed. so, for harm done. it looked like he was taking a nap. >> a siesta. >> thanks for joining us. "who wantsÑç to be a millionair" is next. now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for droid and apple apps. [ female announcer ] now get high speed interernet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital
and technology reporter david lou. >>reporter: aaron was out spoken advocate the people should have access to than through the internet. he gave this lecture last may in efforts to block sites that infringe on copyright. >> commune diet communicate over the ep net it would be a change bill of rights. freedom guaranteed in our constitution. >>reporter: he dropped out of stanford but maintained close close friendship with the person who caid the center at stanford law school. he spoke about him today on democracy >> he was an incredible soul. incredible soul who inspired millions. who now we hope as we have seep across the internet in outrage and devastation that he would have been driven to the cliff that he stepped over. >>reporter: cliff had to do with felony charges by the justice department and down loaded research papers at mit. cindy met him sex or seven years ago. bay area influenced him. >> i think aaron came here and found a bunch of kindred souls. certainly when he first hooked one larry, he was here when he first hooked one dr. cory was here. it's kind of a testm
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3